Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Knits

Last year I knit 7 items for Christmas, including 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of slippers, a shawl, a hat and a scarf that was the most challenging lace I'd knit up to that point.


Today is the day where I admit that I haven't made a single thing for Christmas.


That really can't come as a surprise seeing as how I haven't been knitting or sewing *anything* until about a week or so ago, but I am actually supposed to be busy making for Christmas and I've been slow to get going. I whittled the list down, and I think it mostly includes a couple of simple sewing things that can be whipped out in a few evenings.


Plus a pair of mittens, that can't just be whipped out in an evening or two.


See, my mom wants mittens for Christmas and I finally got some knitting mojo going.... so I'm going to go for it. So I guess the real question here is whether or not I'm crazy to try to knit a pair of mittens by next Saturday.


  • Worsted weight yarn already purchased
  • A pattern ready to go
  • Who doesn't like a crazy deadline once in awhile? I can totally work under pressure.


  • My normal work schedule (aka not a lot of time) 
  • Stranded color work (which I cannot yet do 2 handed with even tension, so I do it 1 handed, therefore slower)
  • My usual need to re-start a project about 3 times before I get it off on the right foot. (Because, well, I can't just be finishing projects without some kind of obstacle right? I just like to get the frustration over with early...)

I started last night and have, well, not much to show you (I was busy getting that "start over 3 times" out of the way), but I'm hoping for some pretty awesome progress by tomorrow.

(I'm secure in the knowledge that my mother loves me and will totally understand if I only have half a mitten done by the 17th when we have Christmas with that side- as long as the full pair is delivered before 2012 I think we'll be okay.)

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  1. Isn't it wonderful how understanding mom's are? It would take me months to do a pair!


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