Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yarn Along

{Knitting with Ginny this week...}

While I was in the middle of ripping and re-knitting mitten thumbs, I picked up a super fast project: Schmatta. Quick to memorize, quick to knit and best of all? My 6-year-old contributed a few stitches every few minutes, and at one point even did a whole row. He told me he was ready to move past finger knitting and this was the perfect opportunity for him to knit a little without feeling like he had to do a TON to finish it. It was really my project and he "just helped", which was the perfect amount of work for him.

I picked up Wendy Knits Lace yesterday but haven't had a chance to do more than glance through it. I'll be sure to share more when  I get a chance to look through projects (and probably knit one!)

I did finish All Wound Up by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee over the weekend. I'm already a big fan of hers, so it's probably not shocking that I really liked her latest book. How can you not like a famous knitter who very openly shares her knitting boo-boos, even when it might be a rookie mistake?

Not only do we share a birthday (June 14 FTW!), but as I was reading a few of the chapters in All Wound Up I felt like she'd been peeking in my windows stealing bits of my life... or that we're long lost twins born years apart... I too recently had the great time of no knitting due to stress and grief and as hard as it is to believe that a serious knitter would totally stop knitting for months, it really did happen. My *husband* even noticed my lack of knitting and tried to get me to knit again!

I'm making plans for baby knitting that I'll share soon, and also making a list of UFOs for the 2012 stash busting/finish your UFOs challenge. I want to be ready to go on January 1!

Do you have any knitting plans for 2012?


  1. what a great way to get the kids into knitting without it being a huge project. i think i will see if the boys want to try that too. :)

  2. My boys cannot wait to get knitting but just aren't there yet. We keep trying every few weeks :)

  3. I love that your son is so keen to knit (and that you let him join in). My 2yo is already interested and he's learning to control his urge to grab the yarn and run . . .


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