Monday, January 30, 2012


We had a phone call Friday morning. What started a few weeks ago as a little bit of fluid in my grandmother's lung became more and more complicated as more doctors got involved.

She has been a breast cancer survivor since the late 70's, but it's back over 30 years later, this time metastatic and aggressive. That is a phrase we know all too well- what it means, how long it means, and how serious it is. We jumped in the car and the boys got a quick lesson in the states between ours and hers.

She's in good spirits and we'll know even more about what is going on in the next week or so as the last tests are done. It was so good to see her and that whole side of the family. Of course, in our hurry to pack and go as quickly as possible, I didn't bring the camera. I wish I had so we could get pics with all the cousins.

If there's anything good about many many hours in the car it's the knitting time. I planned to take the striped socks with me for the perfect amount of knitting brain power expended- enough to keep my mind off of things until we could be at the hospital and know more about what was going on, but not so much that I had to really really think about what I was doing.

The only mistake was that I left the in-progress sock at home.

Seriously- how does this happen?

{Although I'm grateful that we all had toothbrushes and enough socks and underwear...}

I did however have the skein for the second sock- not really sure how I packed the second skein but not the sock itself, but that's how it ended up (I found a beautiful 2/3 finished sock sitting on my bed when we got back last night). I did have my bag of DPNs with me though, so I was able to start the second sock. (another mystery- why did I pack the DPNs?)

I didn't knit the whole time obviously, but I'd say that's a good amount of progress over one weekend- from "zero sock" to "almost done sock".

I also spent some car time finishing up school-ish plans for just after baby is born. School plans might be a bit foolish, you say? Well, it isn't so much "school" plans as "make sure there is something for the boys to do that helps them stay out of trouble" plans. It's all independent stuff- some new art supplies, some new books and movies, some projects that might fill an afternoon... Things to do so that there isn't as much trouble to make.

Not that little boys EVER do such things.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother Erin. My grandmother and my husband's both had breast cancer,[along with both of our father's having the big C too]. I wish you and your family all the best.

    The sock looks lovely.
    It's not too long now before the baby is it?

  2. So sorry about your grandmother! I will be thinking of you and her in the days ahead.

  3. Thank you, ladies.

    Tracey, Baby will be here all too soon! We are so looking forward to meeting her. :)


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