Monday, May 14, 2012

More Cake

A thought I've had rattling around in my brain: Too Much Frosting, Not Enough Cake.

I have found this to be true with my knitting. I am trying to focus more on practical colors for a few cardigans that really do go with my daily wardrobe. My February Lady Sweater is a navy blue and I have a sweater's worth of yarn in both black and a chocolate brown. I know those colors aren't extremely exciting, but it does make for cardigans/sweaters I will wear very regularly because of how they'll fit into my wardrobe!

So where does that leave the fun colors? After all, there are sooo many great and colorful yarns out there to knit with!

Well, the truth is that my daily wardrobe is very simple. During the winter I frequently wear jeans and a black shirt. (Read frequently as five days out of seven. Yeah. I know...) I'm just not comfortable wearing anything that makes me stand out, but I know I need to bring more color into my life. I've been trying to find ways to liven up my style without having to go out and buy a new wardrobe and without pushing myself to a place where I'm not comfortable being. So I'm focusing my color knitting into some scarves, cowls, and shawls right now- accessories that will add a bit of color and excitement without screaming, "look at me!"

My accessory plans include:

Wingspan (currently in progress)

Any other favorites in the scarf/small shawl genre you can recommend to me?

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  1. knitting shawls and scarves is a great idea for adding color to a simple wardrobe! almost all of my shirts are black, grey, or brown. I'll have to start working on some scarves for myself. Thanks for the idea!


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