Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Knit Along

{Knitting along with Ginny this week 
sharing what is on my needles and what I am reading. 
Won't you join us?}

I'm working on several things this week- namely baby items. We have a double baby shower this weekend for my sister and my sister-in-law and I'm one sleeve, one button band, and a little bit of seaming away from 2 finished cardigans. I'm kind of hoping to get two little hats in there, but we'll see how much time I have left after the cardigans are done. The goal is to block the cardigans by Friday so they will be in perfect shape for Sunday. I'll make sure to share pictures once they've been gifted.

 The most exciting knitting this week is the completion of the first sock in my annual pair of socks:  

I'm knitting vanilla socks cuff-down based on the recipe in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book Knitting Rules! I was a little concerned about yardage when I cast on the first sock so I went with a little shorter leg this time.

Heel turning is still one of my favorite things in the knitting world.

Book-wise I'm reading The Mysterious Benedict Society on my kindle. It's reminiscent of The Westing Game which I remember reading in 5th or 6th grade. The boys and I are also finishing up Ramona the Pest. We had a nice literary moment during our football party on Sunday night during the national anthem when Ezra cried out, "It's the dawnzer song!!!" 

As a kindergartener himself he feels very close to Ramona in this book.

What are you knitting and reading lately?


  1. I like that you named them the annual socks! I bet you will have both cardigans done in time!! Love your socks.

  2. Your heel is very neatly done! I'm always scared by the idea of heel turning but they always turn out ok in the end!
    Hope you get all your baby-shower knitting done in time.

  3. I'm not worried about finishing the cardigans in time. The knitting is done on one and I just need to seam the sleeves. And the other needs about 3 more inches on the second sleeve and a 1/2ish inch button band- and it's newborn sized, so not terribly large. If the baby cooperates I think I'll have all that done between tonight's knitting session and tomorrow's. :)

  4. Heel turning and the gusset is my most favorite part of the socks. After I turn a heel I silently thank whoever thought of how to do that!

  5. love the simple sock pattern, it really shows up your pretty yarn and your heel looks beautiful!


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