Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Pink Yarn Along

{Yarning along with Ginny this week, sharing a knit and a book. Won't you share with us too?}

Don't let that sunshine fool you- yesterday was gorgeous and bright (although a little chilly) and today sees us under winter storm warning, gray and cold. Such is our winter weather for the last several years in a row. We are learning to love layering and keeping access to our warmer weather clothing for those days that beg to be spent outside, but we don't dare to put the winter clothing away!

I'm working on a Baby Vertebrae for Ellie. The newborn sized vertebrae has been much used and loved- in fact, I was cramming her into that little cardi one last time not too long ago and found myself thinking, sure the arms are only 5/8 sleeves now and the back actually ends about an inch above her waistline, but we LOVE this cardi! So she can still wear it, right?

Poor girl. So she's been using the Helena I knit her for Christmas. While it's a lovely cardigan (and she is a big fan of chewing on the ties), the fact that it has a front means that she wants to take it off all the time. I have to say that that is what makes the Baby Vertebrae the perfect cardi for a crawler. Because it is a front-less cardigan it is never in her way! In fact it is so out of the way that she leaves it on in perfect contentment, rarely gets food on it and can crawl and clap and dance to her hearts content without interference from her sweater.


I started reading An Everlasting Meal over the weekend and I'm taking serious notes, people. It has invited me to plan for this spring, summer and fall's food in a way that I haven't in awhile. I'm more excited than ever about this year's garden and I'm ready for this summer's light teaching schedule so I can cook my way through this text without ignoring my children.


  1. I read that book and you're right to take notes, there is just too much to remember and implement! I might have to re read that book. Love the little sweater and that ray of sunshine you captured :)

  2. I'm glad you've found a sweater for Ellie that works for you.

    I made two versions of the Helena cardigan for my niece and she loved them. I think Ellie will love hers, too.


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