Saturday, May 4, 2013

This Week (or two...)

We woke up to this on Friday. It started with a bit of sleet Thursday night around dinner and just a few flakes, but by morning- this.

This is quite unusual for our area at this time of the year. We were literally wearing shorts and tank tops on Wednesday and then Thursday was hovering at 40F. We missed our baseball and soccer games today and I'm pretty sure tomorrow's games will be cancelled as well due to all the standing water and the fact that the weather still hasn't sorted itself out by now.

In the past 2 weeks we celebrated a certain little girl's birthday with cake (that she totally didn't like) and her favorite cut up fruits. She is *running* everywhere now and has quite a sense of humor now. Seeing her personality develop is such a treat.

On the Needles...

This is the fun turn in my crafting narrative. For the last month I have been dealing with a severe resurgence of tendonitis in my left elbow that pretty much keeps me from doing well, everything. I haven't been able to knit, or play my instruments or type 2-handed in ages. I'm finally recovering full feeling in my ring and pinky fingers, but working really hard to get it managed and get back to normal since I make my living as a violinist. I'm working 2 more weeks in the studio and then intending to fully rest my arm for the 4 weeks between the school year and summer sessions.  

I read...

The boys and I just started Trumpet of the Swan together. 

And this will be the place where I can let you know that Ender has read three short-ish chapter books in just the last week and I'm soooo excited for him- and at the same time trying not to let on to him too much about my excitement. He tends to frown upon anything I give more attention to than a passing "Oh, that's cool" comment, so I'm trying to dial it down. I have been seriously worried that he would never really be a reader, and over the last few months that has definitely been changing. LOVE it!

Learning all the time…

I'm working hard on plans for our next homeschool term (which we will start in July). We'll be finished with "regular" school days in about 2 weeks and from there we will just continue grid-work, math and reading until after July 4.


I'm paying attention to Fiber Factor and wishing I had just a little more time lately (as well as a fully functioning arm) to participate unofficially. What a fun contest!

Watching (Spoiler Free, of course...)

With Brian: Big Bang Theory, season 2
On My Own: current Doctor Who (!!!)
and David Tennant's episodes with Ender a little at a time.


to the lovely Knitmore Girls and many back episodes of the Nerdist.


We planted a bunch of flowers in the front beds last weekend before we knew about the whole "snow in May thing". So that was a lot of... well, moving on. 

In Stitches...

I participated as I could for KCW: Spring and came out with cut pieces for 2 tops and a dress for Ellie and one completely finished dress that I need to try to get pictures of. I had to really try to remember looking at everyone else's work that while I know how to sew and sew sometimes, I'm not really a sewist when it comes down to it. I don't love sewing like so many others do- I truly am a knitter at heart. So for me? I got a heck of a lot done last week in my 7ish hours. Not a lot in the finished category, but enough fire in me to try to keep up at least an hour or two a week with the sewing machine.

This weekend... 

We spent today at home thanks to cancelled baseball and soccer. So a few chores, a bit of movie time, and I spent a good amount of time on planning school for next year. Great day. :)

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