Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In Gray

{Yarning along with Ginny}

In what was a fabulous knitting week last week I finished my purple socks and a little purple cardigan for my daughter (of which I still haven't taken pictures. Drat.). I mentioned last week that I would work on a cardigan that has been languishing sleeveless in the project basket for awhile now, but I have to admit that I just couldn't.

See, summer has finally arrived here and with that comes a shocking bit of heat and humidity after such a bizarre winter and spring. I just can't get into knitting a cardigan at the moment, so I picked something completely summer appropriate and cast on.

I give you the Boneyard Shawl, knitting up in a lovely gray that is slowly changing to black. The yarn is Wolle's Yarn Creations in the colorway "coal". There was a tiny bit of a learning curve to get used to knitting with it since the yarn is comprised of 4 unplied strands of cotton. Every few stitches I wouldn't quite snag all the strands and would have to back up to reclaim it, but after a half hour or so it became smooth knitting and has been every since. I bought this yarn about a year ago and I have since not knit with it because, well, I haven't really met a cotton that hasn't caused me serious hand pain when I knit it, but the yarn was just so very beautiful and I had been looking at these particular gradual color-changing yarns for at least a year before buying. I'm getting along very well with this cotton, though that may also be because I've taken the last month off from any performing and the drop in stress on my hands due to violin always helps keep stresses of other hand-work lowered as well.

The Boneyard Shawl is such a lovely basic shawl- the M1L and M1R increases add just a tiny bit of interest and the occasional knit row on the wrong side happens just often enough to keep me from the monotony of straight stockinette for inch after inch. You see, I have to pay attention just often enough, but mostly I can just keep on knitting- PERFECT for these past few days.

I will get back to that cardigan one day, right? I do want to wear it- I just really REALLY hate knitting sleeves.

I'm still making my way through Game of Thrones, though I hit around half way Monday night. I only have the book on my kindle until Friday so I need to spend the next three nights reading a ton to finish it. That's the one good/bad thing about borrowing books on the kindle- they go back automatically so that they aren't late to the library, but sometimes I can finish the book if I keep it overdue for 2-3 days. It costs me 15 cents but at least I get to finish the book that way!



  1. beautiful shawl, great pattern and perfect for your wool! I just cast on another shawl-just because.

  2. I love it Erin. I have been wanting to knit the Boneyard Shawl too, I just need to find the right yarn.
    The heat and humidity are here too and I dream of winter.
    PS- I don't like knitting sleeves either.

  3. Very beautiful project. Cotton is not my favorite to work with either but it will be lovely to wear on summer evenings.

    :) Debbie

  4. Lovely shawl. I just bought yarn to make a Boneyard or Citron shawl. The yarn I chose is also a gradient, but it is wool. I really like how yours is developing.

  5. i adore that know me, grey/black and I'm all over it!!!! Boneyard? I don't think I've checked that one out, but I certainly will now. Yours is lovely!

  6. Lovely shawl project! The yarn colour change is so interesting, too.
    I recently had a project that called for m1r m1l and I found the reminders about which was which became a mantra "front to back, knit in the back""back to front, knit in the front" simple yet I never forget now!

  7. how neat! really like how it is changing colour!

  8. So glad you figured out that yarn...snagging is so, well, unpleasant. :) I'll bet your shawl is going to be stunning with that color change!

  9. I love your shawl, I have added that to my library. Great colourway, too.

  10. Love the color! And I totally understand about the e-book thing! Good luck with GoT!

  11. Beautiful shawl! I just can't get into a shawl right now... 107 today. Blagh! :P
    I love my nook. I resisted for so long getting an e-reader and now I can't imagine life without it.
    I thin it makes me read more... :) I just finished the Glass Castle.... SOOOOO GOOD!



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