Monday, October 14, 2013

Run Away

We ran off for a little holiday again last week. I meant to put a quick post up on Saturday mentioning this long planned trip, but I was too busy out on the actual trip!

We went to Disney World for 9 days and this time around took my parents. It was such a blessing to have them along. We generally did the mornings all together, then split off for the afternoon: the boys and Brian went to ride all the crazy rides, my parents went off wherever they wanted to look around, and Ellie and I went back to the hotel for a nap. The nap was supposed to just be for her, but I ended up "resting" too on several of the days. I had originally thought I might get to knit during those hours, but I was too wiped out.

Each day we would meet back up in the late afternoon/early evening for dinner and sometimes a few more things in the parks. Brian and I took turns taking Ellie back to the hotel for bedtime and going to bed early ourselves.

While I'd love to come back into this space with all sorts of finished knits, it's even better to come back into this space saying we had a week full of family time, fun adventures AND a brand new 8-year-old.

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