Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yarn Along: Sweater Edition

{Yarn Along with Ginny today, sharing current knits and reads. Will you join us?}

I finished the Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan! I could practically shout it from the rooftops. I started that Cardigan back in January (!!!) and it is finally complete after a few time-outs and slogging through those sleeves. The button band was done in no time and I ran out and bought buttons for it last week. Now- to put the buttons on, weave in ends and get it blocked so that I can actually wear it... The pattern itself is wonderful and fine- it was my own short-comings (mostly impatience with sleeves) that made this project take 10 months for no good reason.

I also cast on for Ender's Soledad Sweater this week. He is very excited and keeps checking to be sure I am primarily working on his sweater. It starts with the sleeves (getting the hard-for-me part out of the way) so I am carrying sleeve #1 with me everywhere to get the inches on there quickly. 'm knitting the sleeves with magic loop instead of DPNs for the first time, and while I'm still getting used to it, I'm thinking magic loop may be the way to go on sleeves for me for now on. I love my DPNs, but for sleeves it just... well, I need something magical to help me through them.

I have a super crazy goal to get his sweater as far as possible by November 30 (the crazy part is hoping that it is mostly done by then) so that I can cast on for Ezra's Soledad December 1 and have them both completely finished by Christmas. I haven't promised them as Christmas sweaters, but I'm secretly hoping for that.

In reading, the boys and I just finished listening to The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. They really enjoyed it, so much that we are listening to it again. I'm still working slowly through Emma by Jane Austen on the kindle, but mostly because my reading time has all but disappeared lately due to extra stuff in our schedule. It will all clear up by the end of the month and then I'll be able to catch up on things again.

I'm also working through Maggie Casey's Start Spinning again, this time as a new wheel spinner. Did you hear the news? Lola joined our family over the weekend, so creative time is being poured into her as I learn how to use her.


  1. hmmm, maybe I need to knit this sweater? love yours and can't wait to see it buttoned and blocked :)

  2. I am so happy for you Erin, your sweater looks just beautiful! Now hurry up and finish those tiny details so you can put it on.

  3. It's looking so nice! I can't wait to see it all finished and ready to wear. I'm glad you are enjoying your wheel.

  4. I'm loving the sweater! I totally understand having one of "those" projects that just takes forever . . . Good luck finishing the others before Christmas! :-)

  5. woohoo! It feels so good to finish a project like that.

  6. I love your finished sweater - it's beautiful! I just read Edward Tulane a couple months ago- after reading The Tale of Desperaux I went crazy for Kate DeCamillo and checked out every single thing I could find of hers from our library and devoured them. Everything that I read was a good as the last, she's incredible.


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