Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bounce Back

Did you hear that loud noise on Saturday afternoon? That was the sound of our entire city screaming NOOOOOO! as it started to snow.


In March.

It's not that it never snows here in March. It does on occasion. But if it does it's a whispy nothing of a puff of snowflakes that don't stick, not another EIGHT INCHES. We had 2 feet of snow punch us in the gut in late February and now another 8 inches of heavy wet snow sits on top of "wintry mix" sleet.

When they announced the possibility of this storm earlier in the week, I started making plans for the time we'd gain with us being stuck in the house for the weekend instead of heading off to soccer games and the like (yes, soccer started last weekend. They've only been able to have 3 practices out of the 10 scheduled, and one rather chilly 8 a.m. game so far. Everything else has been cancelled because of snow or freezing temperatures.)

But no, we're all sick again. Brian and Ellie hit worst, then me tagging behind. Fortunately the boys recovered quickly and have been playing way more Xbox than we typically allow while the baby and I try to get ourselves back to healthy also. Brian still had to work over the weekend- fortunately they allowed him to come home mid-shift Saturday night before the weather got crazy bad. He has been able to work from home the last few nights since he is sick, which has been a blessing for him.

So I haven't worked yet this week (maybe tomorrow?) and the last few days have been an unexpected holiday from schooling for the boys. Today I'm hoping we all just continue to heal and recover so that maybe tomorrow there will be a little bounce back.

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