Friday, January 31, 2014

Sock Power

I've been really depending on my wool socks this winter. With so many days at negative degrees and my unwillingness to spend more money on heating our house, wool is a necessity. Wool socks, a cowl or two, a cardigan or vest... It all keeps us plenty warm on the days when the wind is biting and just stepping outside steals your breath.

This morning I put on store bought socks since I was going to the hospital and didn't want to shuffle around the floors in my handmade socks. My feet were freezing in those socks until I got into my tennis shoes. I've been so spoiled (or is it prepared???) by wool socks this winter. I have 5 pair of handmade socks I'm rotating and washing and all I can think is... I need more socks. The 2 pair I have on the needles really need to jump off. Now.

I've been knitting on the red/grey/brown/black striped sock at each doctor's appointment and while waiting for each test. Today I had two MRIs, than another with contrast. It was a LONG time laying in that machine, and I quite purposely put my attention on knitting while I was in there. I mentally went through my basket, and thought about the stage of each project and when I want to finish them, including the waiting pairs of socks. And the "in progress" socks- they were in the room with my clothes and my kindle and my wedding rings... You really do finish socks one stitch at a time. I'm putting on stitches every day, and that's all I can do.


  1. I save my hand knit socks for special occasions, as they are the only pair I've managed to finish as of yet. Thankfully, my mother in law got me some thick heavy boot socks for Christmas and I can wear them in my drafty old house... happy knitting!

  2. I cannot imagine my life with out hand knits it would be just weird!! Good luck I hope you pass the tests :)


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