Thursday, March 20, 2014


Sharing projects and ideas are part of what makes my monthly group of ladies so much fun. We bring whatever we like and want to share. Of course not everyone in the group loves everything but it is always interesting never the less. A few months back Joan shared this quilt. She had researched it but found nothing about who made it or any patterns that were similar. We still don't know much about it. I decided to draft a pattern of it and share it with the ladies. Now I am not usually attracted to these kinds of patterns, but this is just a very unique one. It is "Big Stitch" appliqued on, like needle turn applique, only stitched down using floss and a big running stitch that really shows and is meant to be seen. It is much quicker to stitch this way.


Below is the sketched out  pattern I drafted. As I was working on this I just kept thinking that the unfinished hat was too big but after stitching it down it is just right.

What makes this so interesting to me is that the block is 16"X11", which is an unusually tall rectangle of a block. The original block didn't use asian style fabrics but I decided to. A friend in my group has a lot of asian fabrics so we are swapping fabric for longarm quilting time. Oh, the benefits of friends who quilt!

 The embroidery makes this so pretty. Can you see the big running stitch? Just turn under the edge and stitch it down. I plan on using different floss colors- just whatever I think contrasts well with each block.


  1. My oh my! How unusual a quilt pattern. I just had to comment on the squares you made. I think they are absolutely fabulous! The oriental style of the fabrics you used really adds more of an air of authenticity to me. Are you going to do an entire quilt or just a few squares to frame? I can't wait to see the end product!

  2. I do have 27 blocks prepped and ready to applique. I am not sure what the finished size will be but I am planning to use 24 blocks to make a quilt of 4 rows across and 6 rows down. Each block will have different Asian fabrics. 2 down 22 to go.:) Realistically I won't get to it until fall. It is hard to do hand work in the summer with all the outdoor yard work. I will post when it is finished. So glad you liked it.


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