Monday, April 14, 2014

Classical Education Audio

I'd love to say that I accomplished a lot physically over the weekend, but one overzealous medication sat me down hard. I am still learning to balance this whole auto-immune thing, and I am surprised by just how bad I can feel after feeling so great earlier in the day. I saw the nurse practitioner at my rheumatologist's office and made an adjustment to the medication that already is helping to deal with the side effects.

The boys worked on cleaning out the garage and cars on Saturday while I rested. Ellie even contributed, mostly by running around and drawing with sidewalk chalk.

While they were all busy outside I was busy with the printer and headphones- I worked more on my homeschool binder for the next few terms and organizing my part of our materials, including printing out several lists I've collected or made to help me know at a glance where we are with things.

I also listened to several lectures (and took a lot of notes) over the weekend while I sorted and printed and hole punched: 

Why Latin and How to Teach it in Grades 3-6 by Dr. Christopher Perrin {scroll down to the section titled Audio Lectures (MP3)}

What Are We Doing To Our Boys? by James Daniels

The Long Haul: On Morning Time by Cindy Rollins

Eight Essential Principles of Classical Education by Dr. Christopher Perrin {This is a youtube video- the beginning of a series. Be prepared to take notes!}

My brain is still in processing mode over a few of these lectures. I went back through my notes this morning and filled things out a little more fully from what I remembered, and added thoughts on how the application might look in our homeschool. Summer is always a great time for us to try on a new routine for awhile and see how it works out before adopting it permanently, so I envision a few changes to begin around June.

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