Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gray Day Inspiration

It's gray and yucky today as it has been for much of April, and this day that was supposed to be empty just got full... so how about a little inspiration?

: : Sarah Mackenzie started a new podcast, the Readaloud Revival! Her first guest is Andrew Pudewa of IEW and they talk about reading with older kids.

: : I've been looking for a few pieces of equipment for my knitting/spinning studio- a bobbin winder, a ball winder, a swift, a niddy noddy.... and I was referred to Fiber Artist Supply. Their pieces are so beautiful and I'm loving the price range! Now to acquire what I need before Tour de Fleece starts.

: : I just keep pinning embroidery things. Maybe if I pin a lot I won't buy a lot. I have so many other projects to do before adding embroidery to the group... but there are so many beautiful things!

Follow Erin @ Midnight Fiber and Fabric's board Stitches on Pinterest.

: : I think I'm choosing to do hats and mitts for the new little niece due soon. Now to choose the patterns... Hat Options include: Lacy Julian Hat, Baby Amanda Hat, Barley, Simple Newborn Hat

: : I cast on toe-up socks last night and watched Cat Bordhi's video on the figure 8 "magic" cast on. It's a little rough, but hilarious and her little saying to remember the steps did stick in my head.

: :  I'm trying to decide on paint colors... colors for the studio, for the kids' bathroom, for the laundry room, the inside of the coat closet- four places that need brightened up. What color do you paint the inside of a coat closet that gets banged up with cleats and shoes and random stuff the kids throw in there? I'm about to paint the whole house white, but that's not good either.


  1. I have painted the inside of our closets a soft grey or a really light olive. It's enough I think to brighten up the insides, the woodwork is white, but forgiving of the scuffs and dings that come with children and husbands :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Laura. I think I'm going to go with something in that range- maybe a khaki type grey? Still thinking.


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