Wednesday, April 2, 2014

State of the Basket

Monday was our first truly spring-ish day and I threw open the windows and practically whooped for joy. We need seasonal change around here, a little something to push us forward to a new phase once in awhile. I'm ready to be in spring cleaning mode- my mind is totally there (and so is my list making) but my body isn't cooperating to say the least. I can do any jobs that allow me to sit, but the up and down and stretching is not allowable at the moment. That's why I have elementary aged boys, right?

Yesterday we worked on some of the creative areas of our home. I set the boys to work on our art cabinet, which is quite the sight after a winter full of creating and not much organization and I went to work on my knitting basket.

Isn't it pretty? There is a definite color trend to the cooler side of the color wheel with the majority of the basket being greys, greens and blues.

First, I cleared out the current socks, the leftovers from the last few finished pairs, and all the single skeins that accumulated while auditioning for projects over the last few months. Thankfully that took care of half the basket. Now to sort out what to do with all this leftover sock yarn...

So... that's my long awaited Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan that I happily finished in... November. Still needs buttons. And a few ends woven. Sadly I have both buttons and a darning needle, but in the last four months just haven't done it.

Ezra's poor thumbless mittens. Fortunately he can wear them next year too. Thumbs have been added to the "finish up" list for the next week or so.

Ah, the pieces of mye gray Wildflower Cardigan. This particular item is going back into my regular evening knitting rotation now that my primary knitting time isn't all away from home.

And last, Ender's sweater! The problem with this sweater is that it is black and I'm not able to knit for a significant amount of time during daylight hours. I'm able to knit for about 20-30 minutes first thing in the morning (when I'm not always fully awake, and the sun isn't up yet) and then for awhile in the evenings as I have energy and obviously during dimmer light, so this is a difficult project at the moment- I'm still thinking about this project and its future, but for now it's still on hold.

So really only four projects on the needles, but two of them are sweaters and I need to get a move on Ender's if he's going to still fit in it by the time I finish it. I planned it for fall, but with the way he's growing I may need to finish the body then wait til October before seaming it to see if the sleeves are still long enough...

How is your knitting basket faring these days?


  1. Your projects are lovely and I especially like the bright colors used for the mittens. I found you through Small Things Yarn Along Wednesday and would like to invite you to link up with me on Fridays at

  2. Lots of pretty yarn and even prettier projects on the needles! I love this time of year simply because I get in the mood to clean.

  3. Great cardigans but those mittens are awesome! Love the crazy pooling

  4. I have grays! purples greens and blues...most of the time. You can finish those projects lickety split :)

  5. What beautiful projects! Good luck with your spring cleaning and project completions!

  6. So much pretty yarn. Isn't funny how we gravitate to a certain colorway. I too have a ton of blues.


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