Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I shouldn't have said anything about monogamous knitting on the podcast on Monday- I moved away from the shawl that very day and I'm working hard to finish my Comicon socks at the moment. They're both just about to the toes, and from there it's all down hill so I figured it would be best to put my efforts there and end up with a finished project by week's end... or thereabouts.

The citron shawl got to the place where each row takes a bit of time to get through, so it's a little harder for me to pick up and put down when there are little hands just waiting for the opportunity to let some stitches loose- precisely what I don't need right now.

Only a few days until my studio's recital for this year, then a week of "freedom" (which means no studio teaching, but extra schooling, and still all the baseball practices and trampoline and instrument practicing and other kid things that go on around here) then back in the studio for a few weeks to finish out the year and get everything cleaned up so that I can focus my month off between sessions on creative endeavors.

There's a garden to put in, and a creative space to build in the spare room. I've been collecting ideas for this space for a little while now, but it's still pretty nebulous in my mind. I really need to sit down and work out the pieces of this thing so that I can get moving on it as soon as that time becomes free.

I'm reading a few things right now, but mostly The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon at night. Mostly because it's on the kindle (which I can read on in the dark), but also because I'm needing to tuck in at night and not have to think after thinking hard all day about too many things.


  1. I have four projects floating around in my bag and I'm trying to finish them and get them out so i can do a massive cast on of new stuff!

  2. I have two projects going at the same time and one that I completed that I am no going to frog. Just decided I didn't like the way it turned out. Oh well! It will become something else. Have a great week!

  3. I am a multi project gal myself. There's always socks around, a shawl and a couple other things. I do like to just work on one for a while though so it gets finished. Some nice ideas you collected for the workspace. A nice light, airy room with a large table with some shelves would make me happy! Good luck!

  4. I'm not a monogamous crafter at all, I need several different projects on the needles depending how much concentration they need. I do seem to be going through a phase of adding more and more WIP's at the moment though, maybe I need to finish a few up! Your socks look good :)

  5. I love the yarn you are knitting with. I don't think any crafter is monogamous. There are way too many great projects out there. I currently can't knit or crochet (sore hand) but I have 3 cross-stitch projects and 3 quilting projects in the works. There is also an infinity scarf waiting to be finished when my hand is better.

  6. we've just started our garden - but still to get the big field plowed. still, the seeds are in the little pots ! :)
    lovely knittin g...

  7. beautiful yarn. i tend to only do one project at a time... mostly because i might never finish anything if i didn't. lol


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