Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Because Sometimes You Have To

I haven't cast off on anything lately, but I'm close on a lot of things... and for some reason that made me think it was okay to cast on another thing.

I did hit a point where none of my projects were transportable- at least not to the point where I could easily take it to a baseball game. The Citron is taking me about 10 minutes to knit once across the row of 630+ stitches right now, and I'm not comfortable putting it down mid-row. I hit the heels on my mom's socks and I can't do those without a read through on the directions, so not a good candidate for knitting where I don't have to pay attention.

So on to new socks- vanilla Berry Socks, so that I can just knit knit knit at baseball and keep my eyes on the game while my needles go. LOVE the stripes. I didn't realize how much I've missed knitting with a self-striping yarn until I cast these on and they just seem to GO.

I just started reading The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne, and it is a LOT of information to absorb. I've been slowly moving to this diet over the last few weeks and in June planning to go full in, with the additional restrictions of the autoimmune protocol. I really want to feel better, and I hope this will help. I think it will be easier to do over the summer with the abundance of fresh produce. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has followed paleo and/or the autoimmune protocol successfully!


  1. I love the colors! I am woefully behind listening to podcasts now that my son is home. I hope to carve out some time to listen to you this week and catch up!!

  2. I'm gluten free and grain-light. So breakfast today is apples, green beans and chicken sausage. And it's amazing. I miss my bagels and the ability to eat whatever my emotions tell me I should, but in the end it's worth it to not have the joint pain and other miseries!

  3. I love self-striping yarns! The colorway is really pretty too! I'm with you on needing to concentrate to shape the heels, but once that's done you should once again be able to take it along the least until you get to the toes (I'm assuming you're knitting them top-down like the one above)! Having a second pair to work on in the meanwhile is perfectly acceptable!

    I've been wanting to knit the Citron shawl for quite some time. One of these days I'm gonna do it! It's such a fun and pretty looking design!

    Happy knitting!

  4. Your socks look lovely. I don't blame you for not wanting to put the Citron down mid row. That could get confusing. Happy Knitting!

  5. The socks are looking delightful, I love the colour combination.

  6. Self striping yarn is so fun and I love the colors!
    I would also like to check out that book. I have hypothyroidism and joint pain long with it. I am in my early 30's but feel much much older. I have read that cutting out Gluten is helpful for thyroid disease. I am also a vegetarian and reluctant to cut out gluten as well. Good luck and I hope the diet improves your health!

  7. The striping on those socks is beautiful.

  8. I love the colors on that striping yarn! Enjoy them.

  9. You totally cracked me up with your first sentence. I totally get it. And I am totally smitten with self-striping yarn. Such a wonderful EASY way to make an interesting sock. I love the yarn that you're using!


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