Tuesday, August 19, 2014

State of the Basket

How many sweaters can just sit in your basket with knitting complete, totally wearable if you would just weave ends, sew on buttons and block?

The answer is two, my friends.

There are two sweaters in there, each in need of 3 tiny details to make them completely wearable this fall, and they WILL be ready for this fall.

I'm planning a little blocking party for Wednesday night for both sweaters and the shawl I completed in June, and if the finishing bug sticks around I might even tackle a few more small items that have been waiting patiently in the bottom of the basket for.... awhile now. It seems unfair to point out exactly how long it's been between stitches on a few items.

1 comment:

  1. get knitting!! I have that sock blanket sitting and one shawl, I'm itching to start a sweater though :)


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