Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trying New Things

Does anyone have any amazing ideas for getting stubborn people to try new foods? My husband is a total wimp about vegetables, and my 2 year old is catching on to the fact that daddy doesn't really eat his veggies. We're already in the "5 Food Stage"- where the toddler will only really eat 5 different things- kosher hotdogs, green beans, applesauce, any kind of cracker, and soy yogurt. Gummy bears are also on the favorites list, but I can't bear to put that down as one of his 5 main nutrition sources! Note- the kosher hotdogs and soy yogurt are because of cow's milk allergies here- our whole family is intolerant (we're not sure about the baby yet, since he hasn't hit 18 months), so we just don't have it around- we do a lot of soy products and rice milk over here.

The husband has problems with the textures of foods, so certain things like cooked carrots literally make him gag. I want to call him a whiny baby, but that isn't exactly being an excellent wife, is it? I do think there are some things that he didn't like as a kid that if he would just try them again he would like okay. I keep trying to tell him that your taste buds mature just like the rest of the body and they can like new flavors if you give it a shot. I just want to be able to try out a few new recipes- that's all. Is that so bad?

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