Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catching Up

We had a crazy week last week. My 9-month-old woke up from his afternoon nap last week on Monday vomiting and then with diahrrea. It was a crazy stomach bug that lasted until Sunday. 7 days of very sick baby, a few doctor visits to make sure he wasn't needing intervention, and finally he is back to his normal into-everything self. For 2 days he wouldn't even suck on a bottle because he was so weak and sick- we were giving fluids through a medicine syringe every few minutes all day long. Thankfully he is much better now!

I also had my music studio recital over the weekend, so that is another big stress lifted off of me. It is an annual event, and I have quite a few students so it took a long time to prepare this recital and manage it. Everyone really did a great job and I was so proud of them. It was possibly the best recital I've ever held for my students in 10+ years! I am glad it's over though, just so we can move into a summer and a more relaxed schedule.

I made very little progress on unpacking last week between my recital prep and Little Bit being sick. I made myself a specific list yesterday of what I can do each day this week to improve on the unpacking status. By Saturday I will feel much better about this place. :) It is just so much harder going into a smaller place. We have to be really careful about organization and using space well. Once I get things organized it's easier to maintain, but it's the getting there that will take me ages!

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