Monday, July 28, 2008

This week

We made it back from our trip, and I'll speak for both of us and say that we are refreshed and ready to head back to regular life. I've never been so glad to see my kids! A full week without them was almost too long, but my husband and I were very much in need of some extended time to be just the two of us and to remember what that feels like. A refreshed marriage spills into the other areas of your life, you know?

I'm working 2 full days this week, Ender has 2 piano lessons this week, and we have plans to get to the library at some point. I also need to restock the kitchen with a few things that we didn't need while we were gone- milk, eggs, yogurt, etc.- all the stuff that goes bad when you're gone for a week.  I'm going to try to get out the door first thing tomorrow morning and get those few things back to the house before work. As for the house, I worked my tail off the 2 days before we left to get the last boxes to the basement and get the house generally clean. I'm feeling pretty good about that! I have our laundry to do from the trip, but the boys' laundry is already done thanks to my thoughtful mother who ran their clothes through this morning before picking us up at the airport.

My goal for this week is just to spend about 20 minutes a day keeping things picked up and tidy since we left the house in great shape before the trip. If I can do that and keep up on the laundry and dishes I'll be a very happy girl.

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