Friday, August 1, 2008

Getting Back Into Things

Wow- being gone for a week has really thrown me off! We left on a Sunday morning and I spent the whole Friday before we left cleaning from top to bottom and then spent Saturday making sure the boys didn't undo what I'd done Friday.

We got back on Monday evening (28th) I worked from 9-6:30 on Tuesday and 9-4 on Thursday. Wednesday we got groceries (since the fridge was bare of necessities like milk and eggs after the long trip!) and went to piano lessons. Today we left the house at 9 a.m. to run errands and didn't make it back home until 12:30- ate lunch, played just a bit then the boys went down for naps. We've barely been home at all and the house looks like a train has been through it!

For what it's worth I've been getting tag-teamed by the boys. One will nap but the other won't- the older one gets up 50 gazillion times for one last drink, one last book, one last potty break, etc. while his brother sleeps, then when the older one finally decides to go down the little one gets up. *sigh* Brian came home from work a bit early tonight because his work phone started having seisures so he had to take it to the phone store to have it looked at. He took one look at me after the tag-team afternoon and volunteered to take Ender with him to the store. Ezra and I spent the better part of the evening cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the living room from general toy pick-up down to dusting and vacuuming, and keeping up on laundry. Hard to do with a 12-month-old running all over the place!

Getting back into my routines will be the most helpful. I'm trying to get a few things taken care of over the weekend (finish unpacking the suitcases, get the thank you notes written from the baby's birthday, etc.) and then we'll start fresh with regular routines on Monday.

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