Friday, December 19, 2008

Seven Quick Takes

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1. Today was a long day. It's technically 12:30 A.M. and I haven't been to bed yet. It started with getting up at 7 in order to get everyone dressed, fed and out of the house by 8:10 to take Superman to physical therapy for a 4 hour session today. After that was the last of the Christmas shopping (Big Kid shopping for Little Bit and Daddy), gas for the car, a trip to the library and a trip to the thrift store in hunt of a better sized pitcher for Big Kid to work on pouring. Home for a bit of play and some lunch, then back to pick up Superman, naptime/rest time for the boys while I caught up on laundry and Superman rested, then to my parents house to see family in from out of town. Home in time to bathe the boys and put them to bed then try to finish up chores, make brownies for tomorrow's very big family Christmas, and collapse. But now my mind won't shut off with the amount of stuff going through it. Hence the post. :)


2. I've been working in little pieces on a general plan for Big Kid for the next year. It's mostly notes to myself- We want to plant flowers out front for him to help water and care for, and we're going to try to grow just a few edible things on the back porch in pots. We have no space for a real garden, so that will have to do. I made a list of a few presentations I want to do in the next few months as he shows interest.


3. Big Kid announced to me today that he doesn't want to drink soy milk any more (he's intolerant of cow's milk, so he drinks mostly soy milk), only water and orange juice. I told him he should still drink soy milk to stay healthy and keep his bones strong. Then he looked really confused and asked me what a bone was. I realized we'd never really talked about that! So I held out my hand and told him to feel my fingers and wrist and arm for the hard parts.

"Those are the bones." I said.

"Can I see them?"

"You can't take bones out of your body." I said. "You would have to cut your skin open to see them and that would hurt."

"But we could just cut yours and I could look just real quick."

He's so quick to give me up in the name of science! I finally convinced him that his grandmother had several x-rays he could look at, and that made him happy. My mom has x-rays of my hands, my knee, the knees of 3 of my siblings (bad knees are a family trait apparently) and my pelvis (complete with a zipper down the middle because they said that thing they were looking for didn't matter if I kept my jeans on... weird, I know, but they figured out the problem, so I suppose it worked out okay!)


4. Little Bit is hard core teething again. Hopefully these last four teeth will come in all together and we can be through with the madness! Last night was fever, drool, diahrea, the whole nine yards. The only thing that seemed to help was chewing on an icy cold wet washcloth. He cried and cried all night and he was miserable all day too.


5. I'm only teaching in the studio 1 day a week for the next two weeks. Hooray for a break!  We've had some bad weather here that led to lessons needing to be rescheduled, so I have 2 short work days over break and the rest of the time to hang out with my boys.


6. I still have to wrap presents. STILL. Like as in they must be wrapped before we leave for the big gathering tomorrow morning. And there's laundry still in the dryer...


7. I need Superman back. We all do! This back problem of his has been terrible. He's home all the time but he can't really spend a lot of time with the boys- they basically think of their daddy as a giant climbing toy full of great sound effects and lots of hugs and tickles. Of course, Superman can't be climbed on at all right now and all the great chasing and hiding games they usually play are on the back burner. Big Kid understands that Daddy's back is hurt, but he doesn't understand why it isn't better yet. Little Bit has not a clue!

Superman isn't a sit around kind of guy, so all this laying down is really getting to him. He's read a lot, watched a lot of movies, and generally just been bored. He had a lot of time to study for his finals this term, so that was good! He started a different kind of therapy this past Wednesday. It concludes on Tuesday, and as long as he's met his goals he can return to work on Wednesday. We're hoping that his back continues to heal so he can get back on his feet.

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  1. My sympathies lie with Superman. My back problems took almost a year to heal...and it was among the worst events of my life. Various treatments did little for me , but time was the biggest help. My children were a little older than yours, but DH was not at all understanding. He just didn't get why I didn't know what was for dinner (I was actually bedridden at times, unable to answer the phone or go to the toilet, threw up from medication, so certainly had done no shopping or menu planning) It takes so little for the back to suddenly return to you really need to learn the signals of your own body and pamper it. Cut out the macho stuff!

    I too need to wrap gifts...and hope we make it through the weather to the airport to be with Sarahsunshine, DSIL and SS on time!

    Enjoy your family and holiday time!


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