Thursday, January 8, 2009

Latest Work

Ender is in love with words, so when he received a very nice wood moveable alphabet set for Christmas it quickly became his favorite thing to work with. We use the alphabet in several different way, and usually he chooses to set out each letter in alphabetical order before does anything else with it.

This is what he's been doing with the moveable alphabet lately:

And moving on from that he occasionally wants to write words. He picks a card with a word, I write it first to show him how to stroke each letter, then he copies the word letter by letter. You'll notice that his letters look very shaky- he strokes each letter extremely slowly still, and he erases constantly if he doesn't think it's good enough. That's my little perfectionist for you! It's still early for him to be stroking letters, so as he gets older we'll put real work into letter formation. Right now he writes however he likes and whenever he chooses to do so.  The only thing I really correct is the grip he has on his marker. If he's going to write he may as well do it with the correct grip.

And just for cuteness sake:

Ender received that chair for his birthday in October and Ezra has completely taken it over.

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