Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seven Quick Takes: Kid Edition


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We have been more or less unschooling around here lately. Their montessori work is available to them on the shelves, books are in baskets waiting to be read, but I haven't had the energy for new presentations or really hands-on work this week. Big Kid has a collection of Kumon workbooks that he loves so I pulled those out for him and let him choose whichever page he wanted. So he wrote a variety of uppercase letters, worked a few mazes, and traced shapes. He used the measuring tape to measure his favorite book, his blanket and the hardest object of all- his little brother. One of the funniest things I've seen in awhile is Big Kid chasing his brother saying, "hold still! I just want to measure you!" and the little one running away laughing hysterically.



If you were having your first baby girl and you weren't really a girly-girl yourself, what would you prefer as a knitted gift? I'm trying to figure out what to make for a friend and she doesn't like very traditional things, definitely not pink and purple. I've looked at several kimono patterns, mary jane type booties, hats... and nothing is jumping out at me. Ideas? Ravelry links?



I asked Big Kid what he thought I should blog about tonight. His words of wisdom,

"Blog? I don't really think that's a word, Mama. I think you mean log."

I laughed, because how can you not? I tried to explain what a blog was, but he shook his head. "I think you're confused. A log is made of WOOD, not in a computer."



Big Kid has been looking over the seed catalogues with me over the last few weeks and lending his own advice about which things he likes best, specifically about which color flowers he likes. He wants a completely yellow flower garden since yellow is his favorite color. I asked him what he thought his brother might like and he said, "well, he yellow is his favorite too." I'd like to know how he knows that!



I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Little Bit does not speak yet. He's 19 months old today, and not a word. He has said about 4 words in the last few months, and each time he's used that word a handful of times over a few days and then not a peep since. I haven't been terribly worried until the last few days. He's stopped signing completely and he's not babbling anymore. He is still a very active kid and definitely makes his needs known. He'll go pat the fridge if he wants a drink, he can follow directions to go sit in his chair for meals or to get a certain toy, he does puzzles and plays like a normal child. He interacts with us, just not verbally. I can see his sense of humor in there waiting to get out.



I think we may be through the sleep hurdle with Little Bit. This has consumed my mind since before Thanksgiving- that is how long it had been since he's slept through the night. Notice the nice use of past tense in the last sentence- he's slept through the night for 3 nights in a row now! Be very quiet so he doesn't hear us even *thinking* about the possibility that he's sleeping decently.



What do you do when the work you'd like to do isn't on the shelf? Why, you ask your mother to make it! Big Kid asked me a few days ago if I would make him a cutting basket like we've had before, so I cut some strips of construction paper for him and he chopped them up- finishing the whole basket in one sitting. So I drew a few shapes for him to cut out the next day and he polished them off in the next day also! So for today I've made some swirl type patterns, and we'll see if he can follow along with those.


  1. I knit my friend a white hat for her newborn girl, and she loved it and used it constantly until her babe's head grew too big.

  2. thanks for the laughs. Hey, I'm that mom who's not a girly-girl! (God's sense of humor: I've got 3 girls who *love* pink, lace, frills, sequins, sparkle, princesses . . . all of it. Ack.)

    But my dear knitting friend made for our first the coolest sweater and hat ever. :) if you pop back to my website, I posted a picture of our first girl in the sweater and hat in question.

  3. The cutting basket sounds like a great idea to teach cutting skills. I'll have to keep that in mind for when BB is a bit older.


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