Friday, July 17, 2009

Seven Quick Takes


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So I decided to undo the sock completely and start over. I'm going to go "toe up" this time using Wendy Johnson's new book. These will be my first toe up socks! Love trying new things.





We've been having some, um, "lively discussion" around here this week. Ender has decided that he's the captain of the family debate team and that it is his job to quibble on every point. We've talked about what arguing is followed by me stopping him mid argument to say "This! This is arguing!" It's so bad that if you say "the sky is blue" the child feels obligated to disagree- "no, it's actually baby blue." By Wednesday he had caught on that we're not going to tolerate constant arguing and he was tired of me and Superman pointing it out to him. So on Thursday morning when he started his usual "no . . ." and I reminded him not to argue he said, "But I'm not arguing with you- you keep arguing with me!" All a matter of perspective, right? He's so going to be a lawyer.





Little Happy Dance- I have a new dishwasher coming next Thursday! The last 2 weeks have been like Christmas- well, an icky kind of Christmas where all your appliances die at once and have to be replaced, but I'm choosing to put a good spin on it. New range! New Dishwasher! New garbage disposal! Superman had to wire the range (which was interesting since he'd never done it before. Thank goodness his dad who is an electrical engineer came over to check the work before we turned the power back on!) and he put the garbage disposal in on his own. The kitchen will look brand new before we know it.





The tent is a success. The boys spend half the morning under there (specifically with all the little animal figures they have) and pretty much cry when I take the tent off so we can eat lunch at the table- even when I promise to put it right back on after lunch is over (which I always do!). Ezra calls it the "bit" and I've finally caught on that that means tent. He starts asking for the tent about 5 seconds after he wakes up. It always makes me extra happy when they really love something I've made for them.





I'm still on the hunt for a winter project and I came across a spiral quilt book at the library.  Now to figure out if I have the patience for the patterns! I seem to need a fair amount of quick projects to keep me happy while I work on longer crafts, so for now I'll keep drooling over the pretty spirals.





Speaking of quick projects, I made a new apron late last night. Superman went to bed early (it's been a long week for him!) so I stayed up and made an apron. And cut pieces for another one. And drew a sketch for a third. We'll have a big happy apron sharing fest on Monday after I have a chance to take pictures, okay?





It has not been a good eating week for me. Oh, I've made sure everyone else ate well, but I've had most of a pan of brownies in the last 24 hours. Yes, I had some for breakfast. And yes, I count it as breakfast food- after all, there ARE two eggs in there . . . If cherry cobbler can count (fruit!) so can brownies!


Seriously though, I'm suffering the consequences. Allergies and intolerances suck. And one day I will finally learn that my intense longing for dairy products never leads me anywhere good.

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  1. Um, I eat brownies regularly for breakfast :) If there's two of us doing it, surely it counts as a real thing, right?

    I'm impressed with your craftiness!


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