Friday, September 18, 2009

Seven Quick Takes


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It's been quite a week. I almost hate to write this, but potty training seems to be going alright. Now that  I jinxed myself I'm sure I'll be back next week to tell you about how hard it is!



Ender came down with what we thought was a little cold on Wednesday and woke up Thursday morning with full on sneezing, coughing, runny nose and headache fun. Poor guy. He doesn't handle being sick well- he doesn't really want to lay around even though he's tired and spends most of his time whimpering. So we've watched a lot of Backyardigans and Wallace & Grommit over the last few days and hung out on the couch.



Ezra woke up this morning with that same cold and I can't get him to sit for a moment. Is it possible for a cold to give you even MORE energy or is that just a special bonus for two-year-old boys?



Ezra sat for his two-year-old pictures earlier this week. I know it's September, but I was trying to wait for a day when he didn't have a bump or mark of some kind on his face and that day is apparently long off. So I finally did his pictures and he did a really great job following directions and smiling! I was so impressed with the photographer and how she adapted to Ezra as his patience waned.



Ender and Superman worked last weekend on telling time to the hour since Ender asks "what o'clock is it?" about 80 times a day. I think he's satisfied with that amount of knowledge for now, though I think skip counting is going to need to happen in his near future to prepare for the day when he asks more about the long hand of the clock.



Ezra is stringing more and more words together these days! Right now he's really into possessive's (Bubba's blanket, mama's shoes, etc.) and spends a lot of time naming objects and who they belong to. A few of those phrases have morphed together- he says "minkie" for his blankie now- a combiantion of "my" and "blankie".

My favorite thing that he says is "no blood, no bandaid." I crack up every time he says it because he says it so seriously every time! He pretends to have owies to try to get a bandaid - I'll always give out a kiss for an "owie" but providing 50 bandaids a day would mean having to get a second job just for bandaid buying!



Superman is sitting for his competency tests over the next few weeks in addition to his regular school and work schedule. These are tests in different areas he has to take to qualify for graduation in the spring so he's really nervous about them. I think he can't bring himself to believe that he's almost done and that's part of the pressure for him. I would appreciate prayers for him during this time, and I know Superman would appreciate them even more!


  1. It's a special bonus with 2 year old boys. And 3 year old boys. And 4 year old boys...

  2. My kids loved bandaids when they were little, and couldn't get enough. What is it with kids and bandaids? Now they never want to wear one, lol!

    I will pray for your husband. I think that testing is always a little stressful.


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