Friday, October 9, 2009

Meet Mr. Waters

For Ender's fourth birthday he became the proud owner of a blue betta. We fish-sat for friends a few times over the summer and he fell in love. These friends called a few days before his birthday to see if he would like to have a fish of his own, and we thought it was a great idea.

When I asked Ender what the fish's name would be Ezra shouted "waters!" and Ender laughed and proclaimed him "Mr. Waters". He *is*nice and blue! Mr. Waters is apparently also fairly hearty. He already survived his first bowl dumping (courtesy of Ezra) without keeling over, so I think he'll make it around here.

See? Ezra is already reaching for the fish again.  I swear that I'll try to protect that fish from well intentioned 2-year-old love as much as I can!

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