Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quiet Continued

Yesterday was a little strange.


My boys waved me off every time I asked what they were doing, if they needed any help, or wanted anything for a snack.


This strange behavior started right after breakfast and went straight through until lunch when I finally had to insist they take a break for food.


What was so important? What took the complete energy and attention of a 2- and 4-year-old?



Making cozy little beds on the floor to read together, play with cars and be generally silly with one another.


I ate breakfast without getting up once to refill cups, drank hot chocolate through the morning without being begged for a sip, did laundry without little hands digging through the fresh towels, vacuumed and even sat for awhile to knit.



I didn't realize how much I love the interruptions- a boy asking to fold his own way, another promising that he only needs one more waffle to be really truly full. Ezra climbs into my lap multiple times a day for a cuddle and a tight squeeze around my neck, but not today. He was with his brother- his buddy.


I needed that little hint of a break today. I needed to continue the quiet that started over the weekend and the boys gave me that in this sweet surprise. But I will be glad when they ask me for help later today, climb into my lap with a kiss at the weirdest moments, and insist to do it "my way".


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