Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

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I have to write this one first because I just can't keep it in- our worries about Superman's job came to fruition. His company is closing the location where he works in just a few weeks. This news came to us Friday afternoon last week and to be honest, it was not a great weekend. Superman has been applying for jobs for a few months now with very few bites. On Monday a friend of his mentioned a job possibility to check out. Superman called that day, interviewed on Tuesday and was hired in the interview! We are so fortunate to not have a gap in his employment right now.


A little more knitting over the weekend will hopefully provide me with finished mittens and a turned sock heel. Perhaps a few more rows on the Talia vest too?


We made a visit to my local yarn shop and they surprised us with the BEST. THING. EVER- a basket full of trains! They added a little play corner with wooden train pieces like the ones at our house. Ezra's eyes lit up and what I thought would have to be a quick "run in and grab the 1 thing I need actually became a 30 minute browse. The shop was even thoughtful enough to place the play corner in the one corner of the shop you can see from all but one place, so I really did get to look around while still keeping an eye on the boys.


After several weeks purposely not thinking about Kindergarten plans I *am* starting to think about Kindergarten for next fall again. I've been thinking especially about a few of Sarah's posts on simplicity and over thinking education that have stayed with me. After the time spent focusing on the present, all of that reading I did on the subject is starting to filter out into the things that are important to us to include in our home in the coming year. We are praying for guidance. I'm sure I'll be posting more about this in the weeks to come.


Ender announced at dinner the other night that he is going to be a writer when he grows up. "Writing stories is really fun," he tells us. Daddy casually says, "You know what will help you to be a good writer? Reading a lot of good books." Ender frowned at him and said, "Daddy, you don't have to read to write words down. You just have to think really hard and your pen will just know the words."

If only it were that easy, right?


I looked at the boys the other day and realized that their pants are about an inch short. When did that happen? Maybe that's the crankiness explosion we've had in the last few weeks- growth spurts! Come to think of it, they HAVE been eating like teenagers . . .


Just one week from tomorrow my sister will be married! They are having a very small family only ceremony. Ender is pretty happy that he will not serve as ring bearer this time- he's already been in 5 weddings for uncles and aunts. In fact, the first question he asked after I told him his aunt was getting married was, "do I have to stand up there again?" *insert pouty 4-year-old voice here* He practically did the dance of joy when I told him he was off the hook.


  1. #1 - so glad to hear about the new employment!
    #5 - don't the things that our kids say just crack us up.

  2. Phew on organizing a wedding to miss out the ring bearer :) Cool on the trains and so thankful for the employment. We played trains last week - on my blog to show Ezra the HUGE train track we built.

    Oh and when we started K homeschool - Wookie & I sat down and made a list of what we'd like our kids to be/do when they graduated and most weren't academic. Really good discussion and a useful place to start.

  3. Nice blog, I would have really enjoyed this 20 years ago when my boys were young....aah but we didn't have blogs back then did we?

    Oh well I will visit again soon any way.

    God bless you in your vocation!

  4. Congratulations on the job and the PERFECT timing!


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