Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

For Valentine's Day weekend we:

:: Made sugar cookies and fettucine alfredo. Not together, but both yummy.

:: Painted a LOT.

:: Packed a lunch and had a picnic in the living room.

:: Ender and I made silly sentences together. It was kind of meant to encourage him to use the sightwords he knows, but it was too funny to be considered any kind of work.

:: I started on the Thorpe hat for olympic knitting. I'm 13 rows in and keep whispering to myself to keep the stranding loose. My husband thinks I'm losing my mind.

:: Baby Lucas was released from the hospital and the boys met him for the first time. It was quite the lesson in patience and calm for Ezra, but he did great.

:: Mama resisted the urge to cast on something else. There are already 3 things on the needles, and if I keep casting on I'll *never* finish anything!

:: Finished all the laundry from the week by Saturday night so there was NOTHING to finish up or put away on Sunday. That felt great!

:: We started reading Pippi Longstockings together a few pages at a time. Ender would listen as long as I could read, but Ezra is not so patient yet.

:: Little boys had grandparent time so Mama and Daddy could have a little Valentine's dinner. I don't think they even knew we were gone.

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