Monday, March 29, 2010

Do Over

We had a really strange weekend, and I'm still catching up.


A do-over would be great.


So instead of a fabulous post by me, I'm going to point you toward Green Apples for a post that sums up my feelings about crafting mistakes.


How do you feel about crafting mistakes?


For me, knitting is awesome for mistake making. The worst thing that can happen is that you have to rip it all out, but that yarn is still there for another try. Ripping back isn't exactly fun, but at least you can try again, right? I'm working through Elizabeth Zimmermann projects right now and was told by a few people that I'm "crazy" to even attempt them since I've been knitting less than two years. I suppose my opinion is to just go for it, and I did. I think you learn a lot more by doing and making the mistakes along the way than always sticking with what you know. I haven't found the E.Z. February Sweater to be any harder than anything else I've knit, just a little brain bending due to the fact that I've only knit one adult sized cardigan before.


Sewing is a bit of a different animal for me. I'm not afraid to try new techniques, but I'm always a bit nervous when I cut into fresh fabric- once cut you can't go back. Sometimes a cutting mistake means improvising something different (and sometimes better) than the original plan, but sometimes it truly means scrapping the whole thing.


How do you feel about crafting mistakes? Do you boldly head into new techniques and styles or do you hold back?


  1. For a recovering prefectionist like myself, crafting mistakes used to be craziness producing. Now I figure, what is the worst that can happen? I can rip back a seam or knitting and try again. And sometimes I just look at a particular "oops" and say, "Heck, no one will notice that." and I move on.

  2. Some mistakes I just leave. If it's not going to make the project fall apart, it just adds that "home-made" touch to it! At least that's what I tell myself! And often it's not so much a mistake, especially in my knitting, as just inexperience on how to do it the right way. Sometimes I finish, look at it and go "Well, I don't think that worked quite right". Depending on how bad it is, I might tear it apart and start again, sometimes not.


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