Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Bit of Craftiness

Crafting has been a little slow for me these past few weeks, but I'm steadily making progress on two pieces I thought I might share today: My February sweaters!

I am having the hardest time getting the proper color to register on my camera! The yarn is Ella Rae's Classic Marls in blue and it is actually a very dark blue-black. Ezra actually calls it "the black sweater".
Up close to the gull pattern I love (apologies again for funky color!):

And the actual baby version of the February Sweater:

These are both the famous February Baby Sweater (rav link) by Elizabeth Zimmermann. The dark blue is sized up for me using the February Lady Sweater (rav link) pattern re-mathed by Pamela Wynne, and the pink is knitted as written in Knitter's almanac, except that I left the sleeves on live stitches to go back and do them in the round. Just a few sleeves left to finish, and I'll be sad when they're done. I've really enjoyed this pattern!

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