Monday, April 19, 2010

Seeing Stars

Oh, my- I'm so glad the recital is over! Today I'm totally relaxing. We have plans to hit the library this afternoon and I suppose I'll have to make dinner at some point, but otherwise I'm just hanging out with my boys and knitting! The past few weeks have been full of work so I'm really excited to have a week of *whatever we want to do*

Today I thought I'd share a gift we recently received. My mother is a quilter- a far better quilter than I am! I mentioned to her a few years ago that I really loved the Mariner's Compass and how I found myself coming back to that pattern again and again. She offered to make a Mariner's Compass quilt for me if I really thought I'd never make one on my own, and I totally took her up on it! I do okay with triangles, but matching up all those little points? I truly don't have the patience at this point in my life!

Our new quilt:


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