Tuesday, May 4, 2010



We read Knight at Dawn in April as one of our chapter books at night, which led to a LOT of knight questions!


On our next trip to the library Ender found the knight and castle section and he picked a few books that he thought looked interesting. His selections included:


Castle by Richard Platt

A Day in the Life of a Knight by Andrea Hopkins

Castle and Knight by Fleur Starr

Stephen Biesty's Castles by Meredith Hooper

Knights and Castles by Judith Hindley

Castles by Stephanie Turnbull

If You Lived in the Days of the Knights by Ann McGovern


There is also a Knight lapbook available at homeschool Share, and we used a few pages from the lapbook or the links listed there as coloring pages. The boys colored knights and weapons and shields while I read. :)


Their favorite books were Day in the Life of a Knight and the Castle Cross-sections book (the first Castle book linked above). The first had a simple story line for Ender to follow, but also shared several interesting facts. The second has amazing pictures and Ender poured over those for many hours. I thought for awhile that it might turn into a drawing project, but he told me ysterday that the castle and knight books were ready to go back to the library without going any further with the project.


He hasn't yet made a step toward another project though, so our next project is still a mystery!

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