Friday, June 4, 2010

Seven Quick Takes



We spent yesterday morning driving around to more garage sales than we've ever managed in a single morning. At several I collected comments in the vein of "those poor little boys being dragged around to all the garage sales . . ."

The funny thing? Ender actually spent the last few days counting down to the first big garage sale-ing day of the season and every morning asked me if it was the Thursday yet.

So far we have scored some books, 2 new table cloths, some vintage buttons, and a cabinet that I'm planning to use for my sewing things.


I'm in a crafting slump. I can't seem to get up the motivation to finish up the last details on a few projects and nothing has jumped out and said "make me!!!" I went hunting through my ravelry queue and landed on the Tappan Zee cardigan and cast on Tuesday night while we were at the ballpark. It's the first project that has kept my attention in awhile, so I'm hoping it will be the thing to help pop me out of my crafting funk.


Ezra's birthday is just a few weeks off . . . I'm really not sure how it's been 3 years already! The last few weeks I've been having little flashes of sadness that my youngest is already three- it's a great milestone for him, but at the same time I'm sad because it has been three years without another little one to join our family. Perhaps our two beautiful boys are meant to be the sum of our family, but I find myself still hoping for another if my body will cooperate . . . 


Ender gets to start his first organized sports experience tomorrow: t-ball. At this age they have 4-5 kids and one parent per station and they work on different skills- running through first base, hitting off the tee, different kinds of catching and running the bases correctly. We've spent the last few days counting down to the first day of t-ball and having repeated "how many more days???" conversations. I *heart* this kind of excitement!


I moved living room furniture yesterday trying to find the magic arrangement, but it isn't quite working yet. I think I'm going to try pulling a few things from other rooms to see if it will help and with a little bit of help from Superman on Saturday hopefully we'll figure out a good fit.


I've been organizing some schooly things for fall and we're going to try out something a bit more formal (at least for us) soon. I'm planning a bit of a continent study to help us get to know a little bit about the outside world. My sister and her husband will soon be leaving for the mission field in South Korea, so we're going to learn about the area where they will be and use that as our starting point to learn about a few other places in our world.


We're off for picnics and more time outside this morning before the heat and humidity drive us back in. what are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I'll be praying that God sends another sweetie your way soon! Enjoy your picnic! :)


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