Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Handmade Days: Winter Prep Edition

All my handmades lately have been going toward winter wear- two boys in desperate need of bigger mittens, new winter hats and a husband to winterize as well. And what about me? I suppose there is something in there for me as well!

The grey is a plain hat for Brian, soon to be accompanied by two others just like it (because he loses them ... ahem... ), the red (still thumbless) mittens are for Ezra  and the cream colored alpaca is for the lining. The green above is a yummy wool merino quickly being turned into mittens for Ender. The blue above is eventually going to be a scarf for myself, of course- after I take care of all my boys.

This great thing is Ezra's fish hat. He picked out the colors himself, and so far I've finished one half of the tail. After finishing the tail it's on to a few fins and eyeballs (the alive version) and he'll have his winter hat.

And these are the other two WIPs that I'm actually working on in spare moments. The blue is a sweater for Ender that I hope to finish in time for a Christmas gift and the shawl (link to part 1 of the KAL) has been coming along one little row at a time. I'm on part 4 of 5, but it's going to take me awhile to finish this up just because I have other knitting that is on a deadline of sorts, winter being around the corner and all that.

Do you have any handmades to share? Be sure to link in comments!

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