Friday, October 29, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

This has been an exceptionally weird week so I thought I'd share a few links that have been on my mind and a little story from Ezra. If you'd like to read more Quick Takes, Jen has all the links!


Ann's post about the importance of memorizing Scripture is now printed out and hanging where I can see it throughout the day.


Kara wrote about Woodworking with kids. We've been thinking about a few projects Ender might be able to handle soon and I think those blocks might be a great father/son project.


I'm a fairly new reader to Teacher Tom's blog, but I *really* love the environment he and the parents at the cooperative preschool set for the students. I love this post about Letting Kids Learn. It is so easy to be too careful with your kids in that attempt to make sure they are safe, but it's important to let them take on risks themselves so they have a chance to discover their limits. I'm thinking about printing this post too to hand over to a certain someone who gasps every time I let my boys climb playground equipment more than 10 feet away from me.


I can't stop thinking about what A Gorgeous Quilt this is! Everytime I see work like this I start to think I am actually a serious quilter who could accomplish something like this. Thank goodness I'm married to someone who reminds me that I'm already spending my time the way I know I should (and it doesn't leave much room for yet another hobby!).


We've had our first mornings below 40F this week and that made me already think ahead to spring sewing. My brain is kind of crazy that way! I've been watching the Green Apples blog closely for ideas- I love her style! Maybe I'll find a bit of spare time to sew over Christmas break after all the Christmas gifts are knit.


Our most successful art projects this year have been from the Deep Space Sparkle blog. There are so many ideas there for various ages that this is going to be a great resource for us all through elementary!


And finally the story.  Earlier this week I hopped in the shower as I usually do before the boys get up. I was almost done when I heard 3-year-old Ezra come out of his room. He knocked on the bathroom door and said, "Is that you, Mama?"

I told him yes and said he could go get dressed while I finished getting ready. I heard him go back in his room and I finished gettting ready. When I came out of the bathroom Ezra had 1 pair of pants and EIGHT shirts on, and he was trying his best to struggle into a jacket as well! As I helped him take them off I asked why he'd decided to wear so many shirts and he told me it was in case he needed to change clothes later.

Always thinking ahead, that one!

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  1. Oh I loved the story! That boy thinks ahead. Have a great weekend. (I'm visiting from Conversion Diary)


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