Thursday, November 18, 2010

Collecting Christmas Links

I know it may be a bit early for some folks, but I'm deep into planning for advent- if I don't start planning now we would be half through the season before I pulled myself together.

I have a habit of collecting seasonal links for the next year- we never get to every idea, but we do get to a few every year (last year I made these stacking Christmas trees) and I really like having the abundance of new ideas- you never know what will spark new traditions!

Here are a few we're looking at including this year:

Elizabeth Foss's HUGE list of links- reading lists, crafts, baking... seriously, you could spend hours looking through it all!

Fun and Easy Garlands to make with your kids

We are sooo trying this Peppermint Bark this year!

I love this Coffee Filter Wreath, and Ender agrees, so we added it to our craft list for next weekend.

I am also researching Jesse Tree options- this will be our first year using the Jesse Tree to structure our advent season. Ann Voskamp may have a version ready by the 27th- I'm sincerely hoping so! Her materials are amazing.


What do you do to prepare for the season? I'd love links to your family traditions, favorite Christmas books or favorite projects and crafts!

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  1. This year DS has just returned from work with Haitian schools. We are going to concentrate efforts on one school in particular which charges no school fees. Any collected funds will have immediate impact in paying teachers ($100/month), providing potable water and much much more. DS has taught the kids to use 5 OLPC laptops and hopes to secure more and assist the mentors as well. We are working on setting up a blog. I think this is going to be more than just a Christmas present....


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