Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebrate Winter: In the Morning

The times of day that tend to be most difficult for me in the winter months are the later mornings and earlier evenings- this lack of light really affects me. I don't want to get out of bed, the house is cold early on and without light flooding in I'm just not that motivated to take that first step out of bed.

Those morning hours are the hours alone I need to get ready for the day both physically and mentally, to spend time with God, to get the day started off in a meaningful way that will spill over into the later hours. By starting off my day later and without preparation for the day to come I turn grumpy and impatient, neither attitude useful.

So I'm trying something new.

I decided to set a new morning routine to take me through these cold days. I needed something to help me leave the warmth of my bed with a little enthusiasm, something to help me get my day going when all I can think about is how cold and gray everything is.

The new morning routine actually starts on the previous evening. I'm taking a few extra minutes before heading upstairs to set up my teapot, set out a new type of tea I want to try, and rounding it out with the beginnings of my breakfast all ready to go. Nothing makes cold mornings better like a hot mug in your hands.

I wrap up in fleece as I step out of bed, and head downstairs to this waiting breakfast. And even though I set it up myself the night before it almost feels like the breakfast elves were here.

And then there was this morning when the water was already hot when I came downstairs, thanks to that husband of mine getting up extra early without waking me... *love* him!


Do you have a morning routine? How do you get moving in the morning?


  1. I do! Once we are all up and Daddy is off to work, Liam has his independent play time while I do any chores I need to work on for the day. Periodically, I have to stop to repair a train track or help reach a puzzle, but my routine is done by around 10. I drink my glorious cup of coffee and then follow it up with my water that I need to finish by 1. Sometimes, we go out in the morning to a play date, but I must say that I much prefer our quiet mornings at home, just the 2 of us.

  2. Because I work in the afternoons and evenings our mornings are all at home this year during the school week. I thought it would be difficult at first to stay home all 5 days but it has been a real blessing to have those quiet mornings.

  3. I have two types of mornings...maybe more.

    First are the days when DH leaves early for work. (He's a professor) He gets up, exercises and showers while I prepare his breakfast. He walks and feeds the dog while I heat up his tea. After he leaves, I prepare my breakfast and enjoy it slowly by the computer or by the fire with my knitting.

    Second are the days when DH works from home. These days are harder for me because I am expected to cater to him and make his meals, edit papers and letters he writes, etc. I still try to read and knit, but it doesn't happen in big chunks of time. I also have a blog to maintain for a Haitian school..

    I guess third would be summer weather when I neglect everything indoors and work 4-5 hours (or more) on the garden each day. I might be outdoors by 6am for this.


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