Monday, January 24, 2011

Celebrating Winter

I wrote earlier this month about making this a Year of Change. Can I be honest and say I'm a little scared? 

You see, me and change? Not friends.

I've struggled with change since I was a child, to the point that no matter how much my parents tried to prepare me I was still filled with anxiety over slight things. I'm much better with twenty-something years of experience behind me, but as the word for this year indicates, this is my big struggle.

Step one for this year?

An attitude adjustment.

This week and through February I'm choosing to find the great things about this season instead of choosing to remember the past few years where it's been a struggle to get through long gray days.

I'm choosing to see this time as the season to plan, to be quiet, to hunker down on snowy days for extra knitting time, to see days stuck inside as great opportunities for extended projects or time to build a tent and play cards inside... all the things we never do once the weather has changed and we practically live outside.

Will you join me in celebrating winter?

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