Monday, February 28, 2011

Get Set...

This was a very busy crafting weekend for me! I don't get to have a weekend this full of sewing a knitting very often, but I was able to finish or come within a few seams of finishing several things.

First up: the February sock- complete!

This sock is the Lace and Cable sock from Wendy Johnson's book Socks from the Toe Up. I finished this one in just over a week, and I've already cast on the second to act as March's sock.

The next photo is the most accurate to color. I was hoping to be able to photograph some things outside this weekend for good light, but nature had a totally different idea- ice, snow and fog. Oh yeah, and a thunder storm when it was only 36F out- it rained for the better part of 24 hours.

I used this project to learn to cable without a cable needle. I cabled without it as much as I could, but some nights I wasn't up to dealing with it and used a toothpick. The pattern wasn't difficult, but there was a little bit of extra thought to it because of how it is charted- there is a left cable and right cable chart each 4 rows a piece and then the main lace chart that has a 16 row repeat. So on row 6 of the lace chart you have to remember to be on row 2 of the cable charts- again, not difficult, but I did have to pay attention, so this was only knit after the littles were in bed.

As for Me-Made-March, it starts tomorrow! Are you going to participate? Tonight I'm going to try to finish up the two skirts that basically just need hemmed to be finished, and then I'm going to try to look through my options and plan ahead a bit. I know one hole in my me-made wardrobe is tops and I don't know if I have something to match each of my me-made skirts without just wearing black all the time. I'm looking at patterns right now for tops to see if I can figure out a good match for items I already have.

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