Thursday, February 17, 2011

Now You're a Boy

We took a "listen and look" walk yesterday. It was windy, but sunny and quite silly to see the world in a state of half-winter.

There were many shouts of "iceberg ahead!" as we ran into big mounds of snow left from the blizzard about two weeks ago.

Ezra insists on having a hood on outside at all times now. Maybe after being bundled up in the bitter cold for a few months he finally got used to having something on his head?

I asked Ender what we should look for to know if it was spring yet and after he answered he asked Ezra for an idea of what to look for. Ender soon realized that Ezra didn't know- it was all new and exciting information for him! Ender quickly took over, telling Ezra about buds, when the flowers would show up, warmer weather, rain, planting . . . And when Ezra said he was sad because he didn't know all those things, Ender put his arm around him and said,

"That's okay. You were just little last year- but now you're a boy and you can do the same stuff as me."

It's true- last year Ezra was two, hitching a ride with Ender and I as we went outside to explore, but this year he is three and he wants to see and find and know for himself.

I'm so excited to be able to add this little boy to our outside adventuring!

Have you been out adventuring yet this week? Take a trip out, even if it's snowy and cold, to find out what is going on out there!

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