Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Beginning

The sun greeted us this morning and along with it temperatures in the mid 40s, maybe even 50s by this afternoon! We've already been out to walk and play and it is beautiful - though it's a little weird to see piles of snow still built up from plowing when it's so warm out.

Doesn't today seem like a good day to begin counting gifts?

1. The surprise of 50F in February

2. The prayers of friends

3. An  Voskamp's gift of words and love that I am trying so hard not to gulp down in just a few sittings

4. Little hands clasped behind my neck

5. God speaking through Chris Tomlin

6. Second Chances

7. God's provision, precisely when we need it

8. The cello joining our family of instruments

9. Starting a new knitting project for the newest nephew due in May

10. And best of all, a new (and now official) permanent job for Brian!

Thank you so much for your prayers, dear friends, as he's been looking for work these last several months. Not only is this job with a great local company but it is in a field he has always wanted to work in AND doing a job he really enjoys. It also means big changes in the next year for us toward the intentional life we've been working for. He gets to work a little less and be home more, and I will work significantly less in the near future to have more time with our home and family. The prospect is so exciting, and at the same time a little scary. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, friends!


  1. All the best to Brian...and the whole family. Here's to new beginnings!

  2. What an amazing journey this counting the gifts... great day to start! Chris Tomlin is wonderful. So happy to hear of your husband's job!

  3. I came over from Ann’s today. I know it’s two days after the fact. But there are so many grateful lists to read – all of them so good. And yours is too. It was a blessing.

    First – I know it’s warm – but something tells me winter isn’t finished yet :) And yay for you and your hubs – that’s a big thing.

    My favorite from your thankful list is this one: 8. The cello joining our family of instruments (I’ma French Horn player – and trumpet – my niece has chosen the cello – it’s our big joke that she chose it because of the commercial – you know C-e-l-l-o - CELLO)

    God Bless and Keep you and your family

    P.S. in case you don’t get it – it’s the jello commercial :)

  4. Marie and Jennifer- thank you so much for your congratulations! We are so excited!

    Craig- I'm a professional violinist/violist that has *always* wanted to learn to play the cello... or jello. :D

    thank you so much for stopping by.


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