Thursday, February 3, 2011

Popcorn + Marshmallows =


Okay, so maybe melting marshmallows and butter to make sticky popcorn isn't the healthiest thing to eat, but it seemed to be the perfect way to pass the time on a{nother} very cold snow day.

We received another 12+ inches of snow on Tuesday and spent much of yesteray huddled together watching movies and reading books in between the handful of students that were brave enough to venture out for lessons. The popcorn and mug after mug of hot chocolate certainly helped our moods!


  1. I've never heard of sticky popcorn, but it looks fabulous! Good for you in your creativity in making snow days fun and memorable! We live near Richmond, VA and were blessed to have a warmish day, yesterday. We went to the zoo, which is one of those places where we actually fit in: haha!

  2. I made this over the weekend as a special treat because of the snow storm... Liam cried when it was gone. :)


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