Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saturday = Art Day

Saturdays are the only day of the week where the adults don't work and the whole day is truly our own.

I usually spend Saturday mornings catching up on housework while Brian and the boys run errands, but in the afternoons we have fallen into a routine of making art of all kinds.

The boys were gifted some paint by number boards and Ender spent a long time hunting numbers down.

We also experimented with mixing yellow, blue and red tempras to give us secondary colors for finger painting. Ezra had never done that lesson with us, and it was fun to watch Ender get so excited to share his experience with Ezra. Ezra guessed that all the mixes would result in more red since red is his favorite color. Ender would put his hands on hips, shake his head and say, "you can't get red from that!" in his fake exasperated voice.

We also experimented with painting with cotton balls. Ezra figured out that you can rub the paint on like a paint brush and even mix colors on the page instead of in the tray...

And Ender was quick to use the cotton balls to make dots on the page as well as toothpicks for lines and "coloring", which he decided didn't work very well.

What have you been making lately?


  1. Using a comb on finger paints gives a nice effect. I'm sure there are other items to try.

  2. Oh! What have I been making? I've been a mad knitter of baby sweaters and blankets. It is still winter and nice by the fire.

    Granddaughter Ivy, 21 months, has taken up drawing with markers on any paper she gets her hands on. (with amusing consequences!) It has mostly been lines and circles. Yesterday she drew her first face and identified eyes, hair, nose mouth, ears... Amazing!

  3. Marie, I can hardly believe that Ivy is almost 2 now!

    It is so much fun to see little ones start to make things. The boys constantly surprise me with the things they come up with.


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