Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Geek is an oft used word at our house, always in a positive way. We are geeks about Joss Whedon and would attend Comicon every year if we could. We are both movie geeks (though Brian's geekdom goes back way farther than mine), I'm a knitting geek, he's a baseball geek, I'm a music geek, he's a serious scifi geek.

For us being a geek involves being deeply involved long-term with a topic and constantly learning and exploring more about it. We know that people don't get it or they only get part of it (some people understand the knitting but not the comicon geekdom but some people *really* don't get knitting or baseball...)

Ender is really heavily into dinosaurs right now and is becoming quite knowledgeable. After he explained the difference between a few dinosaurs to Brian over the weeekend Brian told Ender it looked like he was becoming a dinosaur geek.

Ender: What's a geek?

Brian: It's our tribe, son.

We seek to raise geeks- kids on the exciting journey to find their strengths and build expertise on topics they love. We don't really care what kind of geek the boys turn out to be as long as they find a subject that engages them. Maybe it will be dinosaurs long term for Ender, maybe not- but these smaller experiments with long term projects are preparing him for the day when he meets the topic that will engage his mind for years.


  1. I prefer the term nerd, but it's all the same :)

    Alexa really likes dinosaurs right now too.

  2. I often refer to myself as a nerd too :) I like the tribe thing though, because I am big on teaching Mostest "what kind of people we are".


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