Monday, March 7, 2011

Me-Made-March Days 1-6

March 1: a re-fashioned shirt that I made last summer, with jeans and a black tee underneath.

March 2: A red linen skirt I made summer of  2009. I used the pattern piece from the Yard-Sale Wrap Skirt by Heather Ross (from Weekend Sewing) but added a waistband since I'm not a big fan of the wrap style.

March 3: These are Mitt Envy [Rav link]. Such a fast and easy knit, and my first cables on an actual project rather than a swatch. I wear these frequently when I practice or teach since my hands tend to be cold.

March 4: These are the first socks I ever made- cuff down, dk weight yarn. If I were to do them over again I'd adjust the cuff (a little too wide), but otherwise the fit is good and they are great for around the house.

March 5: a repeat of the black re-fashioned shirt from day 1. I was surprised with a blurry photo when I uploaded, so no pic- sorry!

March 6: a refashioned black skirt. This skirt was re-fashioned from a knit dress I used for performance before I had my boys. The top didn't fit after pregnancy but I really loved the dress, so it languished in my closet unused until I got up the guts to chop it up and make it into a skirt- I wear it all the time now! I really dislike the shirt though- I'm not really sure why I still wear it- probably because I don't want to wear all black all the time and I'm a chicken about matching things up.

And my fashion problem is? Too much black.


  1. Gorgeous! You AND all the stuff you have made! My granny made me a pair of the gloves/mitts for Xmas! I can't wait to make a pair myself!

  2. I just joined Ravelry too! I had never heard of it, I can't wait to get better at knitting so I can make real stuff! :)

  3. You're so kind! :) I really need to overcome this all black clothing thing. I swear I'm not depressed...

    Friend me on ravelry- username violingirl. :) Ravelry is amazing you can find pretty much anything knitting or crocheting there and the forums are so very useful! The bulk of my skills have come from Ravelry and with the occasional jaunt over to youtube for technique videos.


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