Friday, March 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I had fully intended to participate in Project Simplify when it was announced a few weeks ago, but I realized on the first morning of the project that I just can't. This week and the next 3 are full to the brim with studio work during the week and family life on the weekends, and I just don't have spare time. And a bit of me felt really guilty over that because it's the season of spring cleaning and I'm ... not. I usually do, but the studio recital is early this year and I'm on a maxed out student load, the gray and cold of winter still isn't gone (I know it's only March, but still!) and my mind is buzzing with the next 18 months of studio planning.

A teenaged student showed up for her lesson a little early and caught me with the next 3 years spread out over my desk with highlights and scribbles and post-its and said, "You have to plan that far ahead???"

Yep. Because there are facilities to rent and I have to be able to seat a LOT of people. And there are Christmas recitals and composition recitals and composition books to have printed in time for people to purchase- and it's just me running the whole show.

And somehow I forget that this period of 6 weeks knocks me flat, even though it has every year for the last 9 years. I was totally surprised by it this past week, but I think fires have been put out and we're ready to get back to normal minus the guilt I'm choosing not to have over the boys not really having school for awhile.This is why we school year-round, right? So we can take time off when we actually need the break! So we'll consider this an extrended spring break. We will still read every day, Ender is still reading to me each day, and I'm sure a few schooly things will creep in, but mostly we're going to do whatever keeps them busy, happy, and me a little less stressed. Nothing really planned, no units or projects (unless they are completely independent).

**And to answer a few questions, yes- I'm going to post the rest of our continent units soon. I posted Asia and Australia last fall and we've since covered Antarctica and Europe and a bit of South America (though that's on hold temporarily.) I will try to post those in the next few weeks since I know you guys are either started planning or going to be soon! I'm planning to put up South America and North America after we finish the units and make adjustments to the plans. I only want to put up material we actually use!

** Yes, I'm still participating in MMM, but I'm pretty much cycling through the first week's worth of self-made clothes. Pics to come sometime soon...

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  1. Hi! Me again. I'm a music teacher from home too. It helps keep me going musically after being in the classroom for almost 10 years.
    Living internationally though puts a hamper on me planning recitals and whatnot. I know what you're going through. It's worth it to keep planning for the future!


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